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Overview of all project of the second funding period of the priority program 1253.

For the projects of the first funding period, please refer to the Projects (summaries) page.

Project leaders


Apel, Neubiberg
Rösch, Duisburg
Vexler, Garching

Numerical Analysis and Discretization Strategies for Optimal Control Problems with Singularities

Bänsch, Erlangen
Benner, Chemnitz

Optimal Control-Based Feedback Stabilization in Multi-Field Flow Problems

Behr, Aachen
Bischof, Aachen

Robust Shape Optimization for Artifical Blood Pumps: Hematological Design, Large-scale Transient Simulations, and Influence of Constitutive Models, Sensitivity Analysis

Bock, Heidelberg
Engell, Dortmund
Sager, Heidelberg

Optimal Control of Periodic Adsorption Processes

Braack, Kiel
Prohl, Tübingen

Consistent Finite Elements for Optimal Control Problems in Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Project leaders


Büskens, Bremen
Peitgen, Bremen
Preusser, Bremen

Optimization and Optimal Control of Therapy Parameters for Radio-Frequency Ablation

Burger, Münster
Pinnau, Kaiserslautern

Optimal Control of Self-Consistent Classical and Quantum Particle Systems

Conti, Bonn
Rumpf, Bonn
Schultz, Duisburg

Multi-Scale Shape Optimization under Uncertainty

Deckelnick, Magdeburg
Hinze, Hamburg

Structure Exploiting Galerkin Schemes for Optimization Problems with PDE Constraints

Eppler, Dresden
Harbrecht, Basel

Shape Calculus for the Efficient Solution of Shape Optimization Problems with Elliptic and Parabolic State Equation

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Project leaders


Frank, Aachen
Herty, Aachen

Optimal Treatment Planning in Radiotherapy based on Boltzmann Transport Equations

Blank, Regensburg
Garcke, Regensburg

Optimization problems governed by Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard variational inequalities

Gauger, Braunschweig
Griewank, Berlin
Slawig, Kiel

Automated Extension of Fixed Point PDE Solvers for Optimal Design with Bounded Retardation

Herzog, Chemnitz
Meyer, Darmstadt

Analysis and Numerical Techniques for Optimal Control Problems Involving Variational Inequalities Arising in Elastoplasticity

Gugat, Erlangen
Herty, Aachen
Leugering, Erlangen

Control of System Dynamics in Gas and Water Networks

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Project leaders


Hintermüller, Berlin

Elliptic Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints (MPECs) in Function Space: Optimality Conditions and Numerical Realization

Hinze, Hamburg
Turek, Dortmund

Hierarchical Solution Concepts for Flow Control Problems

Hoffmann, Garching

Optimal Control in Cryopreservation of Cells and Tissues

Hoppe, Augsburg
Franke, Augsburg

PDE Constrained Optimization Based on Adaptive Model Reduction with Applications to Shape Optimization of Microfluidic Biochips and to Blood Flow in Microchannels

Kostina, Marburg

Towards Optimum Experimental Design for Partial Differential Equations

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Project leaders


Lang, Darmstadt
Ulbrich, Darmstadt

Adaptive multilevel SQP-methods for PDAE-constrained optimization with restrictions on control and state. Theory and Applications

Leugering, Erlangen
Peukert, Erlangen

Optimization of Particle Synthesis

Wittum, Heidelberg
Queisser, Heidelberg

Estimation of Parameters in Three Dimensional Volume Models for Signal Processing in Neurons by Optimization Multigrid

Rannacher, Heidelberg

Model Reduction by Adaptive Discretization in Optimal Control

Sachs, Trier

Adaptive Trust Region POD Algorithms

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Project leaders


Rösch, Duisburg
Siebert, Duisburg

Design and Analysis of Adaptive Finite Element Discretizations for Optimal Control Problems

Ulbrich, Darmstadt
Leugering, Erlangen

Optimal Control of Switched Networks for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

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