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Adaptive Trust Region POD Algorithms

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Project leader

Fachbereich IV - Mathematik
Universit├Ąt Trier

Tel: +49 (651) 201-3474
Fax: +49 (651) 201-3973

Email: sachs@uni-trier.de

Homepage: http://www.mathematik.uni-trier.de/~sachs

DFG funded assistants

Matthias Schu (Uni Trier)


Dynamical systems described by general evolution equations, like a partial integro-differential equation, can be reduced in size through a proper orthogonal decomposition technique. If these systems are part of an optimization problem, one has to solve this problem numerically. While the optimization algorithm is working, the need for an update of the model might arise, which could prove to be a costly part in the overall computing budget. In order to alleviate this effect, a model management technique can be employed handling the coarse and fine grid models in the optimization phase. We base this on a multi-level trust region technique which is also able to deal with nonlinear models. Applications of this technique can be found in various fields of engineering (fluid flow problems) and finance (calibration of derivative products).

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