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Adaptive Multilevel SQP-Methods for PDAE-Constrained Optimization with Restrictions on Control and State. Theory and Applications

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Project leaders

Department of Mathematics
TU Darmstadt

Tel: 06151 16-2389
Fax: 06151 16-3954

Email: lang@mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de


FB Mathematik, AG10
TU Darmstadt

Tel: 06151 16-2487
Fax: 06151 16-3185

Email: ulbrich@mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de


DFG funded assistants

Debora Clever (TU Darmstadt)

Dr. Jan Carsten Ziems (TU Darmstadt)


The aim of this project is to develop, analyze and apply highly efficient optimization methods for optimal control problems with control- and state-constraints governed by time-dependent PDAEs. To this end we want to combine in a modular way modern space-time adaptive multilevel finite elements methods with linearly implicit time integrators of higher order for time-dependent PDAEs and modern multilevel optimization techniques. The aim is to reduce the computational costs for the optimization process to the costs of only a few state solves. This can only be achieved by controlling the accuracy of the PDAE state solver and adjoint solver adaptively in such a way that most of the optimization iterations are performed on comparably cheap discretizations of the PDAE. We will focus on two exemplary applications.

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